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No title list. The lists displays the full text.

It does not display just a list of titles. Instead, the list displays the title and the full text of each note (up to a maximum number of lines).

Make child notes

Its ability to create child notes. Notes can be linked via a parent-child relationship, allowing you to have a large number of hierarchical branches.

Swipe left to parent, right to child

The parent-child relationship is represented visually by expanding it sideways, so that the notes can be swiped left and right to navigate from child to parent

Add tags, Bookmarking

You can add tags to your notes.

You can bookmark to jump to a deep level note you are working on.

cross view of the hierarchy by tags

You can add tags to your notes to obtain a cross view of the notes hierarchy.

Share notes

Share one note / all siblings of a note (same hierarchy) / all descendants of a note (lower hierarchy) can be selected and sent to other apps or file folder.

Dark mode

Supports dark mode. (up to iOS13)