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Lifelog in monologue

Monnotter is a life log application by monologue. It doesn't share online.

The name of 'Monotter' was combined with 'monologue' and 'shita' which is Japanese verb past tense conjugation.

You can write immediately after startup.


Record the location (GPS) where entering the text. Places can be named and reused in texts at the same place.

Text can have the "START" "END", and "TODO" "DONE" status by inserting the prefix /start /end /todo /done at the beginning of the text.

“Start” and “End” are treated as events in the set and the event can be output to the calendar.

“TODO” status displays a check box. You can tap the check box to change it to the “DONE” status.

You can set a rate value for monologues as importance. The list can be sorted by date as well as by rate.

Overview of the day

You can look over the texts on the time table of the day.

The events show the start to end range box. This event can be output to iPhone Calendar app with the button. This is useful if you use a calendar as a life log.

Input assistance

Once you set a location name, it will be automatically reused if it is the same location. When adding or resetting, nearby location names are displayed as candidates.

During inputing texts, the existing tags are listed as candidates by searching for the prefix of the inputting string.

Tag list, Place list, and Others

List the tags and location names you are using, and search with a tap. The number of these usages are displayed.

TODO / DONE and rates are also listed with use count and can be searched by a tap.

Dark mode

Supports dark mode.

Apple Watch

You can monologue on Apple Watch.

Siri Shortcuts compatible

Automated monologues can be added as fixed-form sentences (for example, Arrive at office, Take medicine, etc.) using voice commands, location or NFC tags.