How to USE? What’s CONTEXT?
Assign a name to your daily task, research, studies etc and register it as a project. This corresponds with the time card.
When you start that task, punch the time card. When you finish, you can punch it again to record the task. For tasks, you can register “context” and location in addition to the start and end times.
A context is like a tag. In my case, for example, I have the ThreadNote development project and the ePunchClock development project, and both share the programming, design and test contexts. This means that by doing this, I can find out how much total time or what proportion of my time was spent in development overall on programming, for example.
By double tapping or holding the time on the time card, you can open the task card and edit or delete it. You can also record a memo here.
If you use iCloud, you can write tasks to the iCloud calendar in real time. You can make iCloud display a modified event that corresponds with the task (similar to synchronization).

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